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Autumn – The Chinese Medicine Viewpoint

In Chinese Medicine it’s believed that each season has a particular influence on our health and also how we feel. It is a great opportunity for us to understand how the seasons affect us and what kind of symptoms are likely to bring to the surface in order for them to be resolved.

The long hot summer has been a wonderful time filling us with joy and warm heart. Suddenly autumn has arrived with a cool reminder of the change of energy of the season. It is a time of reflection, contemplation and a sense of sadness and letting go that is both starting to happen in nature and inside us.

The two organs in our bodies that are mostly affected by this season are the lungs and large intestines. The large intestine is to do with letting go of the old and what we no longer need. The lungs are to let in the new through the breath.

Symptoms that can manifest in this season are asthma, skin problems and breathing difficulties. Grief and sadness can come to the surface in order for us to let go of them. By balancing the energy of these organs at this time of the year, we are allowing the energy to take its course, and for our bodies to begin to heal themselves.

Acupuncture, Transformational Healing and Kinesiology work specifically with our bodies energy points to help balance our body. Counselling and Meditation can also help strengthen the mind. To book your free 15 minute consultation do contact us.

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