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Symptoms of Stress – what you need to know

Most of us show symptoms of stress from time to time – we all experience challenges and overcoming them is just part of day-to-day life, which, indeed, would be dull without them. But when stressful situations don’t let up, or we feel...

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L.I.F.E. Skills for Effective Communication

L = how we listen to people. This is about ACTIVE LISTENING where you refrain from stating your position and allow the other person to finish what they are saying. Don’t interrupt. Bite upon your tongue if necessary! Then reflect back...

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May is Meditation Month – Stay Sane in a Mad World

May is meditation month, I’m not quite sure who decides these things but it is and I guess from a quick look on the web if you had been meditating for the whole 31 days of May you would be feeling the benefits. It seems there’s not...

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Fertility, your hormones and why choose full fat dairy

Trying to balance hormones or hoping to get pregnant? Avoid those low fat dairy products we’ve all been encouraged to go for and choose the full fat ones instead.

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Understanding Complementary Medicine – The Facts

A guide to the practice and procedure of modern day natural medicine.

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What our clients are saying

Thank you Elements of Health! Having searched for a treatment it was such a relief to find how friendly and experienced the people are at Elements of Health. The enthusiasm, depth of understanding and willingness to listen meant I received the treatment that was best for me. Thank you for making a real difference to the quality of my life.

Naji Malak M.Ac. M.B.Ac.C. R.C.H.M