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May is Meditation Month – Stay Sane in a Mad World

May is meditation month, I’m not quite sure who decides these things but it is and I guess from a quick look on the web if you had been meditating for the whole 31 days of May you would be feeling the benefits. It seems there’s not much meditation isn’t good for from stress management and improved performance at work through to helping all number of physical ailments.

The interesting point is why? It perhaps becomes easier to understand when you take the premise of most Holistic therapies, that the body is an amazing piece of kit with it’s own innate intelligence, built to be self healing and self regulating. After all when you cut your finger you don’t think twice about it, just assume it will heal, likewise broken bones and pulled muscles heal themselves, colds and flu and many other ailments which modern medicine doesn’t have a remedy for. Traditionally when someone is feeling a bit ‘off colour’ or had a ‘bad day’ they often just go and sleep it off allowing the body the opportunity to re-balance Given the chance and sometimes a little bit of help the body can do amazing things to correct itself.

Where things can become tricky is the pace and pressures of modern life together with many of the environmental factors can start to build up and clog up or overload the system. Even when we have finished the day, when we may think we are relaxing, perhaps watching TV in the evenings, many programs are designed to stimulate the adrenals, stressing the body and putting the mind into high alert often just before bed.

The analogy might be something like, imagine yourself trying to focus on completing several highly complex and intricate tasks to effect a repair with a small child constantly tugging at your sleeve wanting X,Y, or Z. It wouldn’t take very long to reach screaming point of “Just give me five minutes!”

Much the same with your body, it simply just wants five minutes peace and quiet to sort itself out and given that time in the stillness of meditation you may be surprised at what it can achieve.

Five minutes a day, ideally fifteen and certainly no more than thirty is all it takes, when done properly, to make a significant effect. It also gives the opportunity for the body and mind to catch and correct the whispers of disharmony within the system before they become shouts…And if you still don’t think you can spare the time, ask yourself if you really want to spend the morning checking your watch in your GP’s waiting room instead?

Amanda Ross
Elements of Health

At Elements of Health Peter Francis offers one to one meditation training, tailoring the process and technique to suit the individual.

He has spent over quarter of a century working in one of the most highly stressful professions enabling him to have deep and realistic insight into what works, refining and thoroughly trying and testing various systems into a parred down, non religious and highly effective approach.

The benefits of one to one sessions are numerous, most of all he can make sure you really ‘get it’ and come away with the best and most suitable method for you, coaching you through any difficulties or blocks which may arise.

Contact him via Elements of Health – He is happy to offer a free 15 minute preliminary consultation.

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