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Spring – A Chinese Medicine Perspective

Spring has finally arrived and suddenly there is a sense of joy, optimism and hopefulness.

As winter is about hibernation, spring is about hope, rebirth and the expression of our energy and it’s need to manifest itself in the world. Now is the time to have new plans and make fresh decisions that are born from the wisdom that is attributed to the still and deep
energy of winter which allows us to take stock of our lives.

If we look at nature, we realize the speed of the change that is happening externally around us which is also happening within us. Suddenly we realize our energy is better, we do not need as much sleep, we may feel restless, we need to move faster physically and mentally. We need to feel that we are fulfilling our destiny.

Anything that stops that flow of energy can cause us to get depressed.The organs that are most active in the spring and are associated with the season according to Chinese medicine are the liver and the gall bladder.

If we are not able to feel that sense of hope, rebirth, vitality and instead feel a bit depressed or hopeless, maybe start feeling angry, it might be a sign that the liver is out of balance and needs to be balanced with acupuncture. The liver also manifests it’s symptoms in the eyes, hayfever, itchy or streaming eyes are usually symptoms of an imbalance in the liver as well.

It is vital at this time to really have something that we look forward to which lifts our spirit. To see where we are going with our minds eye allows us to be infused with the energy we need to drive us to fulfill our hopes and aspirations.

Naji Malak
Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbalist
Elements of Health Norwich

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