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Ali Marron – Creative Therapies

Counselling & Psychotherapy Hypnotherapy

Ali Marron is an experienced counsellor and therapist with a background in the Arts, and over 10 years experience in private practise. Also an artist and writer, she graduated in Creative Writing from UEA in 1999. From 2000 she has trained in several counselling and psychotherapy modalities including integrative psychotherapy, and most currently completed a four year diploma in gestalt psychotherapy and is working towards full UKCP accreditation. She has a special interest in integrating creative therapies into her work as a psychotherapist.

Are you worried about?

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Relationships, Assertiveness, Confidence, PTSD, Insomnia, Nightmares, Addictions, Abuse, Self-harm, Eating Disorders, Gender & Sexuality, Phobias, Panic Attacks.

My approach is for anyone experiencing difficulties or distress. Those who want to resolve problems, understand themselves better, make positive changes, improve or develop in some area of life, and discover new and more fulfilling ways of thinking, feeling, behaving, relating and being.

My approach is creative, relational, integrative and holistic.

I work with the whole person, not just the symptom.

My approach is integrate a wide range of therapies and approaches in order to respond to you as a unique individual enabling you to access your own inner resources, potential and to activate your natural instinct to grow, change and develop.

I undertake to be fully engaged and present, supporting you in exploring the issues, feelings or experiences you bring, helping you to find your own understandings and solutions and regain your sense of balance and wellbeing.

You are very welcome to contact me to talk more, ask any questions you may have or to arrange a meeting or first appointment. Telephone: 07917 864312

What our clients are saying

Thank you Elements of Health! Having searched for a treatment it was such a relief to find how friendly and experienced the people are at Elements of Health. The enthusiasm, depth of understanding and willingness to listen meant I received the treatment that was best for me. Thank you for making a real difference to the quality of my life.

Naji Malak M.Ac. M.B.Ac.C. R.C.H.M