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Elements of Health

Corporate consulting / coaching

Corporate consulting / coaching

We deliver tailor-made training that is the perfect fit for your organisation. We can design courses to address any scenario or soft skills issue you may need to deal with: identifying how best to work with different clients, competitors or investors; selecting the right candidate for a job; influencing and negotiating skills for everyone, from leaders to sales teams; customer services skills for front line staff. We do it all. Most importantly, we do it in collaboration with you. We take a detailed brief, discuss our approach and the options that would best suit you and create a programme that means serious business.

Browse through the options below:

Facial analysis

  • Get inside the minds of clients, competitors and investors
  • Recruitment and selection – find the right candidate for the job
  • Handle challenging relationships with difficult people

People skills

For everyone from leaders to front-line staff.

  • Influencing and persuading skills
  • People management skills
  • Negotiating skills
  • Creating empathy and rapport
  • Conflict resolution
  • Communication skills

What form does our training take?

Whatever works best for you:

  • Fast-track masterclasses
  • One day seminars
  • Executive coaching
  • Intensive weekends and residential courses
  • Elite 5-day courses
  • Individual coaching and mentoring
  • Trouble-shooting specific problems
  • Fast-track consultations by web, email or telephone.

Please contact the centre for further information or to book a consultation.

What our clients are saying

Thank you Elements of Health! Having searched for a treatment it was such a relief to find how friendly and experienced the people are at Elements of Health. The enthusiasm, depth of understanding and willingness to listen meant I received the treatment that was best for me. Thank you for making a real difference to the quality of my life.

Naji Malak M.Ac. M.B.Ac.C. R.C.H.M