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My approach to hypnotherapy is creative and relational. I practise hypnotherapy, not as a separate therapy, but combined with counselling and psychotherapy and in the context of a therapeutic relationship. Hypnotherapy is a creative therapy with a long history. It can be traced back to early meditative practices designed to train or improve the mind, promoting healing and wellbeing. Contemporary hypnotherapy is enriched with modern medical and psychological knowledge of how the mind, brain and body function.

Hypnotherapy is simply the active or creative use of the imagination.

You will find the experience of hypnosis quite natural and ordinary, but in the context of a therapeutic relationship, it can produce powerful and lasting change. Hypnosis is not something which is ‘done to’ you and has nothing to do with your being suggestible. It has nothing to do with ‘stage hypnosis’ or the entertainment industry. Hypnotherapy is a process you choose to engage in, a skill you can learn and use for your own wellbeing. It can be as simple as closing your eyes in order to focus on your inner world.

From the Greek ‘hypnos’ meaning sleep, in hypnosis you are not asleep, you are aware of yourself and your surroundings at all times, and fully remember what takes place. Sleep is only one example of our natural ability to use and move through a wide range of states of mind or being. Notice how your state of mind changes as you concentrate on a difficult task, daydream, watch a film, laugh at a joke, listen to a piece of music, meditate, remember. Hypnosis is simply a relaxed and focussed state of mind.

One of the reasons hypnotherapy can be so effective is that it works directly with the unconscious mind as well as the conscious mind, much in the same way as creative therapies such as art therapy, creative writing or drama therapy. The unconscious is the creative or dreaming part of the mind. It is only the conscious or thinking part of the mind which sleeps at night, the unconscious or dreaming mind is always awake. In addition the unconscious mind controls the body’s processes and instincts, and stores all our memories and experiences. When we feel stuck, conflicted or unable to resolve a problem or make the changes we desire, this often suggests a conflict between our conscious intentions and unconscious motivations. Much like a tug of war where both sides expend much effort and energy without either side gaining any ground. Hypnotherapy can enable a better interaction or working relationship between the conscious and unconscious mind characterised by cooperation rather than conflict. This can free previously tied up energy and potential. Hypnotherapy is a creative process enabling you to understand yourself better, to resolve problems and to regain balance and well-being.

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What our clients are saying

Thank you Elements of Health! Having searched for a treatment it was such a relief to find how friendly and experienced the people are at Elements of Health. The enthusiasm, depth of understanding and willingness to listen meant I received the treatment that was best for me. Thank you for making a real difference to the quality of my life.

Naji Malak M.Ac. M.B.Ac.C. R.C.H.M